Duct Work

Improve Your Building's Air Flow

Does your building have hot and cold spots? If it does, the problem might be a faulty duct system. Luckily, Craig Comfort Control, LLC provides air duct repair and installation services in Huntsville, Alabama.

If your air ducts are leaking or aren’t producing enough air flow to keep your living space comfortable, we can help! Improperly installed, leaky or blocked air ducts can lead to a multitude of airflow issues.

Whether you need air ducts installed on your new construction project, or you want to replace your existing air ducts, we can help.

Common Air Duct System Problems

  • Hot and cold spots
  • Pressure imbalances
  • Little or no air coming from your floor or ceiling vents
  • Warm air blowing out of your air conditioner
  • High indoor air humidity

Is replacing your old air duct system worth it?

  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Extend the life of your A/C equipment
  • Improve your building's indoor air quality
  • Remain comfortable in any room!

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