Avoid An HVAC System Crash

Trust us to inspect your residential or commercial HVAC system and repair any minor issues we find. If you require more frequent HVAC checkups, we can service your HVAC system quarterly, twice a year, or once a year. We’ll make sure your HVAC equipment and air ducts perform at maximum efficiency year-round. One of the benefits of the maintenance contract is you will receive discounted parts if any repairs are needed during the maintenance appointment!

Option 1
1 visit/year

$175/year (1 unit)
$100/year per additional unit

Option 2
2 visits/year

$225/year (1 unit)
$100/year per additional unit

Option 3
4 visits/year

$400/year (1 unit)
$100/year per additional unit

Commercial Maintenance

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Optional Add-ons:
Standard Filter Replacement

(included in Option 3)

Media Air Cleaner Filter Replacement


Fireplace Cleaning Service

(1 visit per year)

Dryer Vent Cleaning

(1 visit per year)

Each plan consists of a 30-point inspection of each unit. The inspection includes Evaluation of Cabinet, Service Area, Fan Section, Electric Components, Condensing Section, and Heating Section. The Technician will also clear Drain Lines and clean the Evaporator and Condenser Coils, annually. If Option 3 is selected, Return Filters will be replaced as well.

Maintenance visits are typically performed in the Spring/Fall Months. Depending upon the time of year and frequency selected, the Technician will test the Heating or Air Conditioning operations. Scheduled maintenance can help your equipment run more efficiently, improve air quality, and extend the life of your system. Although regular maintenance does offer many benefits to your system, it does not guarantee repairs will not be needed.

As an additional benefit of the Maintenance Plan, you will have Priority Booking and qualify for discounted parts and services including fireplace cleaning and dryer vent cleaning. Should any repairs be needed at the time of service, there will be a 5% discount applied to the parts.

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What does a maintenance checkup consist of?

  • We perform a general operation assessment
  • We make sure your thermostat is working properly
  • We inspect your system's electrical connections
  • We test your heating and/or cooling function
  • We do a comprehensive 30 point inspection of your unit
  • We clean your indoor and outdoor coils