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Smart Thermostats

Take your HVAC controls to the next level!

With a smart thermostat system, you can control your home or business's A/C system from anywhere in the house! With some options that can connect with your smart phone, you can take that level of control to ANYWHERE! Create a schedule easily, set your system to idle while you're away, or turn the system on full-blast to turn the air over in your home before you come back from a trip or vacation.


American Standard

Gold 824 Control

Platinum 1050 Control


Bosch BCC100

Bosch BCC50


Bryant Housewise Wi-Fi


VisionPro 8000

T6 Pro Smart

Prestige HD 7-Day Programmable


8920W Wifi Full Color Thermostat

8910W Wifi Thermostat

We can install any smart thermostat on the market, as long as it is compatible with your system. Don't spent hours splicing wires and troubleshooting, when it may not even control your system! Just give us a call!

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